Creating the SuperHex textile

I’ve been computerizing different patterns I learned in my geometry class this spring, but this design is the first original work I can put my name on. I wanted to illustrate how the complex triangles in the lowest triangle is derived from the “flower of life” in the top triangle.

In the top left, I’ve highlighted the triangles that are inscribed by circles — In the top right I’ve highlighted the triangles between the circles’ midpoints. On the lower left and right, You can see the smaller triangles are rotated 30 degrees from the larger. The bottom triangle is the intersection of both of these patterns. In the video below you can see the Inkscape operations to intersection and arrange these divisions.

The SuperHex tessellates into a visually dense wallpaper. I’m excited to see what it looks like as a fabric so I’ve uploaded it to Once I receive the sample I’ll be able to put it up fro sale, first of many designs I hope!

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