Drawing a Globe with Compass and Straight Edge

I always wanted to make a globe. This is the “AirOcean World Map”, a design by Buckminster Fuller and cartographer Shoji Sadao, which aims to depict earth as “one island in one ocean”, and distributes geographic distortion so no country appears to be much larger than it really is.

I decided I could make my own after I noticed a familiar shape while practicing a simple sacred geometry pattern of tessellated equilateral triangles. Once the first grid of triangles is made, 3 further cuts are made across the grid, from each point of a triangle to the opposite midpoint, dividing each triangle into sixths. That’s when I was reminded of the Dymaxion map, with a unique subdivided triangle on a one of its edges. (You can see a better version of this grid in my blog on SuperHex)

Here’s the time lapse of sketching the coastlines… I felt like a real Slartibartfast if you know what I mean.

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